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Gifts and Giving: Building an Emergency Gift Supply

Have you ever found yourself in need of a gift at the last minute and no time in which to go out and get one? This can present quite a quandary, and in some instances it might even prove rather stressful. That is, unless you are one of those people who plans ahead so as to be prepared for just such a moment.

Gift giving should be just as fun and stress free as gift receiving. Read on for a way to make gift giving easier and stress free, even in last minute situations. Continuing with the gift and giving theme, this article was originally published on Helium in January 2011.

Build and Emergency Gift Stash

When an occasion comes up at the last minute, it can be very handy to have an emergency supply of gifts already on hand. Building up a gift stash is a very easy thing to do. All it takes is a little planning and a place to organize and store your stash.
First you’ll need an empty drawer, storage bin or foot locker in which to keep your emergency gift supply. Next, think about the different kinds of occasions for which you generally need gifts, especially last minute gifts, and the types of items you typically purchase.
Quite often seasonal items will go on sale or be reduced drastically during store clearances. Whenever you’re out shopping or even just browsing, be sure and check to see if your favorite retailer has any good deals on items you can use to build your emergency gift stash. After major holidays is an opportune time to score bargains on gift items.
Winter scarves, hats, gloves, and fleece items can all be put away for next year’s gift-giving. Picture frames, photo albums, handkerchiefs, ladies’ scarves, candles and votives, boxed stationery, pen sets, writing journals, and glassware are all useful items that have no season and can be presented as gifts year-round for a variety of different types of occasions.
Dish and tea towels are great to have on hand for last-minute housewarming gifts. Bottle openers, wine openers and other kitchen gadgets that often go missing are handy to include in gift packages as well. Table linens and other household items such as guest towels are things a hostess can never have too many of.
Discount stores are a good source of items for an emergency gift supply. Quite often, they sell the same items as the major retailers at significantly lower prices, and just like in the department stores, these items will be rotated regularly and leftovers put on clearance.
Books are another great item to have in your gift stash. Coffee table books, how-to and reference books make great gifts for adults, and coloring books go along with kids. Many book stores have bargain bins where they regularly reduce books for clearance. Office supply stores are a good source for finding desk accessories and items for professionals on sale for your gift stash.
When putting together a stash of emergency gift items, it is also a good idea to have a stash of gift-wrapping supplies as well. This is easily accomplished by visiting dollar stores and catching end-of-season sales at other retailers.
A little planning and a lot of browsing are all that is required to build an emergency gift stash. By checking clearance racks and bins often, you can quickly amass a supply of gifts suitable for every occasion without breaking the bank.

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