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Gifts and Giving: Great ideas for Creating an Artist Gift Basket

Some people are easy to shop for; some people are difficult to shop for. Sometimes, it's not so much that people are difficult to shop for, but that you want to give them something that will hold some sort of significance and be of particular use to them.

That third instance is what I am addressing today with the article below. When it's the thought that counts and you really want it to count for the gift recipient, you want to choose your gift based on that person's personality, likes, dislikes, or hobbies.

In the instance where someone has taken what most consider to be a hobby and developed it into a
vocation, choosing a gift related to that thing can be both thoughtful and useful. Hence the former Helium Craft channel article below, originally published in June of 2012.

Gift Basket Items for Artists 

Artists are always in need of new art supplies, which is why gift baskets are a perfect idea when faced with choosing a present for one. Very few artists are actually able to earn a living solely from their art and therefore are often on a budget. Receiving a special basket of hand-picked goodies to help them make more art will always be appreciated.
When selecting items to go into the gift basket, consider what kind of artist the recipient is. What does their art look like? What kinds of mediums does he or she work with? Someone who is a painter working with oils will have very different art supply needs from someone who makes prints, assemblage, or collages.
Emerging artists are perhaps the easiest to shop for, particularly students, as they are still experimenting with different types of media to create art. Students can use everything from pencils to sketch books and supplies purchased for them need not be expensive. A gift basket for a student artist could also contain inspiration items such as interesting objects or postcards of images by other artists.
Established artists and those who are schooled, particularly painters, will have very specific preferences when it comes to art supplies. They are also likely to have a substantial collection of art books. This doesn’t mean that a gift basket won’t still be a good idea for them; it just means you have to be more selective about what you put in it.
Artists who are also teachers may work in different kinds of mediums since they are regularly inspired to create their own art while working with their students. Fiber artists are another easy group since they are likely to work with everything from sewing thread to kitchen twine as well as different types of fabrics.
When choosing items for painters it is good to know which painting medium they work in. Some artists paint with oils exclusively while others work with water color, gouash, or acrylic. Those who create “Outsider” and other kinds of art on materials other than canvas may even use house paint in their work.
Gift basket items for painters can include, paints, brushes, brush cleaner, paint thinner, palette knives, unlined journals, charcoal, gesso, an assortment of drawing pencils, small canvases, small frames, framing point driver and/or points, eye screws, and picture hanging wire.
Mixed media artists can turn just about any object into an art supply. Even those working exclusively on canvas may incorporate paper, fabric, needlework, puzzle pieces, bits or wood or metal, or even plastic into their work. Artists who work in assemblage or with “found” objects can benefit from a gift basket containing everything from old jewelry to small toys.
Ideas for what to put in an artist gift basket should be based on how well you know the artist and the kind of art he or she makes or would like to make at some time in the future. Choose wisely and carefully, and your gift will be appreciated long after the supplies have been used.

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